A Message For You Ch. 30 – Feel Good About Your Job! – Vital Thebeau

by Vital Thebeau

March 30, 2019

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The job that I enjoyed was working alone on the forklift – most of the time that was my job – to keep this forklift going.
The operators were very hard on them, they never took a course on how to operate the machine that made my job very hard, and we had eight forklifts.  I was all alone to work on them, after a year or so they gave me a helper his name was John Burk.  A very nice man, he worked with me for 10 years.
I really enjoyed my work as a mechanic, and I enjoyed working with John.  We were getting along very good.
One thing about working for somebody else, if you like your job, you will do a good job. On the other hand if you don’t like the kind of work that you are doing, the days will be a lot longer, you will never be satisfied and you will be miserable as well. When you feel good about your job it makes life easier, cheerful to yourself and your fellow workers. You would also do a better job.
Some of the guys I was working with never felt good about their work, always grumpy, never cheerful.
If you feel that way, the day will be very long. You should be happy and cheerful and you will have a good day trust me it works.
One thing a lot of people do is worry about things that is one thing that I don’t do.  There are people that will worry enough; they get real sick over it. They worry about something that happened yesterday but there are lots of things that you can’t bring back and worrying is not healthy.

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