Caotica at the Eddies

by Piers Rae

July 10, 2014

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We had such a lovely time out at the Big Rock Eddies, we’ve decided to share some of the evening’s moments with you.
Big Rock Brewery started a promotional contest to have beer drinkers create their advertisements in 1993. Since then it has evolved: prizes for new categories such as Student and Responsibility were introduced, and the red carpet festival has expanded to events in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto. This year was the 21st anniversary, and we were lucky enough to take home the grand prize. Everyone involved was wonderful, and it was truly a party for the books.
All filmmakers and beer drinkers with a creative spirit need to enter this contest. The competition is stiff but the prizes are amazing, and Big Rock is hugely supportive of its creatives from beginning to end. They even flew us out to Calgary and put us up in a ritzy hotel near the gig for a while. They’re sweet people, and that’s a real talk.

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Chapter 32 Vital’s Humane Trap

I didn’t have any technology except my practical way of doing things. So I told them by pulling on the spring. If it is hard to pull it means that it would hit harder and that’s how I do it.

Chapter 34 Vital and Danny Thebeau

CHAPTER 34 Summer of 1975 My friend, Jack Moore was keeping a few horses; he told me I should have one. I thought about it. I had a brother-in-law that had a horse he wanted to...