Carving a Life

by Zoot Rollo

February 18, 2015

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Herb Haines, 61 years old, carves birds!  Mostly raptors and songbirds.

He lives in a home built by his family  over a century ago, one of those massive rural New Brunswick family homes where generations of his family have lived. These houses are plentiful in the Maritime’s, reflecting a past of enormous, extended families, now vanished.

Belted Kingfisher - $550

Belted Kingfisher – $550

Herb’s family split the house in too many years ago, now he lives 30 yards from the old house, in a section moved across the property.  Where there were many, now there are three, occupying both buildings, with the old house largely closed off, heating only a few rooms.

Eastern Puffin - SOLD

The yard is stacked with fire wood waiting to be split, a ramp leads up to the door. In a front parlour, Herb and his mother (Elsie)  pass the day in a companionable, convivial space. Herb carving, and chatting with Elsie, a television humming in the corner, a view of the St. John River for continuity. Elsie is 87 this year, and Herb is her caregiver, supporter and friend.

Great Blue Heron - $1100

Miniature Great Blue Heron – $1100

A Pair of Cardinals -$850

A Pair of Cardinals -$850

The work comes from this place, Herb’s love of the he outdoors, and his easy access to the fields and forests immediately behind the house means a firsthand experience of the birds he carves.

Owl - SOLD

Saw – We’ Owl – SOLD

And there are many. The carvings possess a delicate possession of the bird spirit, capturing the look and life of the subjects, a transference that can come only from long study and appreciation of the birds he portrays.

Green Winged Teal - $450

Green Winged Teal – $450

“It amazes me how I can take a piece of wood and find a bird in it .

The feedback I am getting from people  sure boosts my ego and shows me that I am doing something right .

Every piece I do I try and improve my technique and the quality of the piece!”

Herb has a number of pieces for sale, and is accepting commissions for delivery in late 2015. You can reach Herb through, just drop us a line and we will put you in touch.

Blue Jay - $450

Blue Jay – $300

Purple Finch  - $375

Purple Finch – $350

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