DELUSION – An Interactive Art Installation by Ezekiel Honig (Denmark)

by Zoot Rollo

December 26, 2014

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Ezekiel Honig, a New York City native, is a musician and label manager for Microcosm Music and Anticipate Recordings. He is a well-known figure in the electronic music community. Ezekiel Honig usually follows a strict production code on all of his songs. He uses ‘found-sound’ and warm melodies.
Having put out two successful albums in the past, Technology Is Lonely and People, Places & Things, Ezekiel collaborated with fellow friend and musician, Morgan Packard, on Early Morning Migration. Early Morning Migration received positive praise from critics and was a highly successful album within the subgenre. His fourth album, Scattered Practices, was a departure from his earlier work. It was less techno, and more ambient. Ezekiel’s most recent album, Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band, was released by Anticipate on October 27, 2008. Ezekiel has appeared on many websites. Some are,, xlr8r,…

Ezekiel Honig - Delusion

Ezekiel Honig – Delusion

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A little more about can be found here –  Ezekial Honig

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war ein Traum vom einem Mann
Fred vom Jupiter, Fred vom Jupiter
Der Traum aller Fraun
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Fred vom Jupiter, Fred vom Jupiter
Bleib für immer hier
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