Dieppe August 19th 1942

by Harry Palmer

August 19, 2015

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In August of 1942 a disastrous invasion by Allied troops of the small French port of Dieppe, as a test of the landing capabilities of the Allied forces, a trial run for the invasion of Europe in World War II. A dismal failure, poorly planned and executed, a largely Canadian force was decimated.



They landed with the objective of occupying the town for a short time, gaining intelligence and drawing the German airforce into open battle. The Allies suffered more than 1,400 deaths; 1,946 Canadian soldiers were captured, and no major objectives on the ground were achieved.
Dieppe Chateau Museum , Photograph by Harry Palmer

Dieppe Chateau Museum , Photograph by Harry Palmer

Photographer Harry Palmer. Harry’s work is available here:
A Portrait of

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