Game of Thrones melody ends up in a pop song & no one noticed

by Margaret MacLennan

June 25, 2014

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The Game of Thrones soundtrack is what happens when the composer rolls a d20 for world music.
Don’t you think this bit of melody starting at 1:55 from When The Sun Rises in the West


Sounds like it ended up as the opening hook in Wael Kfoury‘s song Ya Dalli Ya Rou7i?


Ramin Djawadi signed on to score Game of Thrones in February 2011, and Wael Kfoury’s Ya Dalli Ya Rou7i was released on an album of the same name in summer 2012.
I love the sad Armenian duduk in the Dothraki themes. I, too, pine for the Dothraki Sea.

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Fred from Jupiter

war ein Traum vom einem Mann
Fred vom Jupiter, Fred vom Jupiter
Der Traum aller Fraun
Du machst mich schwach
Fred vom Jupiter, Fred vom Jupiter
Bleib für immer hier
Geh doch nicht fort