Kurt Schwitters – MerzBarn – Details 2

by Zoot Rollo

September 15, 2014

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MerzBarn Detail 2

MerzBarn Detail 2

The immediate junction of this indented line and the smooth plaster area at the center of the work is marked by a deep crevice, a U- shaped form projecting from the junction painted a bright yellow, and a tin cut to form a spiral, embedded in the plaster and painted red.The outer spiral of the tin rests upon the yellow projection and is in turn held down by a white stone placed upon it, directly over the yellow projection.This group is placed directly against a large area of tinted plaster which develops a series of curved surfaces, undulating in three-dimensions across the surface of the work.These areas are tinted in a wariety of orange hues and contain a number of objects embedded in and projecting from them.

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