Malawi Today

by Peter Yakobe

November 24, 2014

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CFME LogoMalawi is a closed economy. The Malawian government dictates prices for goods and services, the value of the currency, and consistently implements subsidies for fertilizer and maize. As a result, many citizens are passive in their efforts to create enjoyable living conditions, waiting for the one true and honest politician to appear and to solve the problems of work, welfare and development.

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The Malawian youth also do not have an option but to paint themselves in party colors waiting for a true and honest politician to give them few kwachas which they cannot even use for a single day.
Many Malawian farmers whom despite their hard work do not make profits because the prices of their goods and services are determined by the government and external buyers only and not the forces of demand and supply.
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Center For Free Market Enterprise (CFME)a think tank, aims to increase the awareness that it is individuals who must strive to create a better life and it is entrepreneurial risk-takers who will come up with new ideas, solutions and opportunities that are beneficial for the society. The people of Malawi must be made aware that it is the citizens who must dictate to the politicians what must be done to allow individuals to make their own dreams come true.
Through lectures on liberty and entrepreneurship we will deepen people’s understanding of the benefits of a free-market economy and how it has propelled many countries forward toward positive economic growth. We will gain participants who will improve their entrepreneurial skills and support us in promoting liberty and free-market ideas.
We will advocate for a simplification, reduction and modernization of the government administration to free up resources for more productive activities.
Through translation of books for general use, conducting entrepreneurship nights, TV and radio shows we will raise awareness of free market ideas and motivate young people to get a positive picture of business, and to interact with successful business owners for them to grow into active entrepreneurs.
CFME strives to stir up activism among young people, and to promote the idea of liberalism and its importance for economic strength and individual success. Additionally, CFME prepare a liberal political platform, in the form of policy recommendations to policy makers, that should be implemented to decrease the burden of government on the economy and on Malawian citizens and to create an enterprise friendly environment.
Furthermore, we aim to be conducting research on the following areas: Tax and budget policy, Governance & Politics, Rules & Regulations of Starting & Conducting Business, Privatization of public property
A better and prosperous Malawi is possible. Join us as we make this dream come true. Like our Facebook page thus Center for Free Market Enterprise and follow us on twitter @CFMEMALAWI. Our website is

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