The Barlon Bulletin – 02/2015

by Bill Barlon

February 13, 2015

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Did you know about the Classics?
We’re not talking about “Gone With The Wind” here
The Classics we’re talking about are a Compilation of Classic Papers on H2S.
But First
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Drilling Rig Count Feb 13 2015
Now, back to H2S – These papers, co-edited by Tuttle and Kanel and put together by NACE, trace the beginning of industry’s studies on H2S up to state of the art in the 90’s.
Where did it all begin?
According to the introduction “The early activity was centered primarily in Western Canada and France. During the later 1950’s an ad hoc industry committee began functioning in Western Canada” and from there the predecessor publications to today’s NACE MR0175 were created.
Want to get informed on H2S? Pick up the two volume edition of
H2S Corrosion in Oil & Gas Production~ A Compilation of Classic Papers

Interested in Drilling? Read the nine papers in chapter eight
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This volume might be of interest as well!

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