The Barlon Bulletin, December 22, 2015

by Marianne Henrikson

December 23, 2015

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Did you know about Dar?

One Dar you probably want to stay away from is Darfur, a region in the western part of Sudan that has been in conflict since 2003.
Sticking with the African theme why not try Dar es Salaam “the residence of peace”, it is the largest city in Tanzania and the largest city in eastern Africa.
But for now, the rig count:
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If you are looking at where to put a wellsite in remote areas in Western Canada the Dar you are interested in is LiDAR. LiDAR data is used by survey companies and their clients to “see” elevations so that ‘scouting’ costs are minimized.
Scouting out ways to save our clients money.

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Chapter 32 Vital’s Humane Trap

I didn’t have any technology except my practical way of doing things. So I told them by pulling on the spring. If it is hard to pull it means that it would hit harder and that’s how I do it.

Futile fusion research

In this new era of multi-trillion-dollar federal expenditures on “infrastructure” and Covid relief programs, $650 million a year may seem like chump change. But it’s symptomatic...