The Barlon Bulletin: February, 2015

by Bill Barlon

February 27, 2015

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Did you know about Fishing?

 More after The Rig Count for February 10 2015.

[table id=10 /]How about Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament when every October offshore from Los Cabos, Mexico fisherman attempt to land the largest Marlin in the tournament. Started in 1981 the winning fish is worth over a million dollars (and we’re not talking the Canadian dollarette here)



The other kind of fishing; oilfield, is not quite as much fun. Whether it is open hole, cased hole, or through tubing the best win here is if you don’t have to do it at all.

Why is it called fishing and why are all the pieces called fish? That comes from the cable tool days. When the wireline would break (which it often did) one of the crew would put a hook on a line, drop the line down the hole and fish for what was on the bottom.

Back in the 70’s in Calgary one of the most well known fishing companies was Bear Tool. E mail us with their motto and win a really big prize.

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