The Barlon Bulletin, November 26, 2015

by Marianne Henrikson

November 28, 2015

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Did you know what was going on “While the Clock Ticked”?

If you were Frank and Joe Hardy in Volume 11 of the Hardy Boys Mystery Stories you would be bound and gagged watching a clock tick on a time bomb (don’t worry their friend Chet Morton shows up in time to save them).
But for now, the rig count:
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If you are an operator in Alberta what is going on is the clock is ticking on year one of the Inactive Well Compliance Program. You need to move 20% off of that list and while there is still time, it is running out.
We’re pretty sure that Chet’s time is booked up with Frank and Joe and all so not much use looking there.
We’ve been doing our own detective work and have got the tools and the plans to stop that Inactive bomb from going off on you. Give us a call.

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