Taylor Swift’s Hair Goes Viral

by Zoot Rollo

January 27, 2014

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Taylor Swift’s Hair-Whipping ‘All Too Well’ Performance At The Grammys — In GIFs!

While we obviously love it when Taylor Swift goes for full-on spectacle (see her “We Are Never Getting Back Together” performance at last year’s Grammy Awards), we are always here for her more subdued, girl-with-a-guitar sets. Or, girl-with-a-piano in the case of this live rendition of “All Too Well.”

Ahhhh, amazing! Our country-pop princess reigns supreme. But, one thing. We’re obvs not concern-trolling you, Taylor, but how’s your neck doing? You OK?

Channeling her inner Farah Fawcett

Channeling her inner Farah Fawcet

Like an Herbal Essence commercial, Taylor Swift‘s performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards was one filled with smoldering looks and hair flips.

Our Lady of Breakup Songs took to the stage Sunday night to sing “All Too Well” from Reda song rumored to be about her brief romance with Jake Gyllenhaal. Understandably, emotions ran high during her performance as Swift thrashed like a woman scorned behind the piano.

Seriously, who thought hair could emote such angst?


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