We upset the tea wagon

by Zoot Rollo

May 6, 2016

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Yesterday afternoon it took just over two hours to get to the Glenburn tea estate. Our planned excursion for today was to be a 45 minute ride on the toy train from a station at one end of Darjeeling to the other then lunch at the Mayfair Darjeeling.
Here is a picture of the toy train:
DarjeelingToy Train We weighed this against two hours back into Darjeeling then two hours back, maybe 1 1/2 h each way if the traffic was OK and Mr. Gewin applied a little more pressure to the accelerator. How was the train and lunch? Be gangfoked if I know.
Instead a tea factory tour at the estate
then a hike down to the valley bottom where we passed a guy hauling some feed
At the bottom they served us some lunch
Then I practiced my not catching fish skills
IMG_0408something I am becoming very good at.
We did a scramble on the way back out including some shortcuts that required four pointing (that would be using both hands and feet) But before that a sure fire cure for depression:


A stiff walk up hill (we let our guide off the hook half way up) and back to the Tea Estate for a fine dinner and to bed.

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