William Butterfield – Christ Church, Fredericton NB

by Zoot Rollo

August 17, 2015

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One more in our occasional views of the work of William Butterfield, a High Church Anglican with the inside track on a great deal of Anglican Church architectural work of the mid 1800’s. Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton, was built 1846-53 to the neo-Gothic plans of British architects Frank Wills and William Butterfield, in collaboration with Bishop John Medley, first Anglican bishop of Fredericton.

Christ Church, Fredericton

Christ Church, Fredericton

Christ Church is cruciform in plan, with a central tower, and 3-sided porch plus an impressive west window. A product of the idealized views of the Ecclesiological Society, a reformist movement of the Anglican Church which sought a return to the architecture of the Middle Ages, it was the first Canadian building to follow closely that ideal. The cathedral nave and side aisles are oriented to the choir. Each part of the interior is visible from the exterior and has different roofing.Butterfield Christ Church Fredericton NB 1853 2

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